Biewer Terrier

Biewer Terrier
Biewer Terrier - Another Yorkie Toy Breed

Biewer Terrier

The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is a new breed of canine breed developed in Germany from the Yorkshire Terrier. In addition to a neat and compact body size, these dogs are still characterized by long, silky hair, suspended in the middle of their back at the bottom, with a slightly rounded head and a small snout. Their adorable appearance is further enhanced by a pair of medium-shaped eyes, almond-shaped, small eyes, V-shaped, hairy pins placed in an upright position and a curved tail and curved diving. These small breeds with an intelligent and affectionate nature gain immense late popularity.
The Biewer Terrier has been recognized as a distinct breed altogether because of a piebald Yorkie who was born in the litter of many other puppies in the household of Werner and Gertrud Biewer in January 1984 , in Germany. In fact, this puppy was born accidentally with such coloring as his Yorkie parents may have had the receding petral gene.

This little puppy with a blue, gold and white body, named Schneeflocken von Friedheck was fun and attractive. As a result, Mr. and Mrs. Biewer conducted a selective selection in order to design more puppies of this piebald variety, also naming these Yorkies with white patterns as Yorkshire Terrier at Pom Pon. Their initiatives became successful in 2003 when they gradually introduced the Biewer Terrier in America. These breeds were the first of their kind to be designated as pure breeds after scientific data instead of genetic data.

The Allgemeiner Club der Hundefreunde Deutschland officially recognized it as Biewer Yorkie in 1989. At present, these dogs are recognized as a completely different breed of the Yorkshire Terrier set by the BTCA (Biewer Terrier Club of America). It was also included in the founding service of the AKC. Unite Kennel Club (UKC) recognized it very recently on January 1, 2016.

Having a friendly and loving nature, the Biewer Terrier is comfortable enough to mingle.

They also possess a very loyal and devoted nature, loving to spend quality time with their masters and other family members.

The Biewer Terriers are sometimes fun and capricious in their behavior, loving to do many fun things like carrying a toy in his mouth.

Despite their pleasant nature, they can sometimes be vowed and yappy just like the Yorkshire Terrier, trying to get the upper hand of their masters.

They guard and suspect to see an unfamiliar face at the start, even in order to warn the owner of the same. However, they get on well with the foreigner once they realize that he is not a threat to their household. Inappropriate socialization could make these small breeds less aggressive towards foreigners.

It is said that these dogs have a greater personality than their size, which makes them a bit difficult when dealing with other dogs, especially the larger ones or even cats.

In addition to being perfect companions for all, especially the group of the elderly, this breed is ideal for homes with older children who can handle them responsibly rather than the smaller ones that can be quite agitated with them.


Although small, they are immensely active and energetic, requiring a brisk walk on a daily basis. If you have a fenced yard or garden, you can leave them in the open air by leaving themone around or even engage them in a fetch ball game. They do well in the apartments, provided they practice well and have ample space to move. You can even provide them with plenty of interesting games to keep them engaged. In fact, lack of proper activity and exercise may require them to resort to destructive measures such as barking or throwing anger.

Regularly brushing their long, silky coat will help keep it free of mats and tangles. Avoid brushing them when they are completely dry, as this could damage the hair, rather than making a mixture of water and dog conditioning and spray them before combing. You can also opt for a professional groomer to keep your Biewer Terrier in good shape.
Beat it on a weekly basis to ensure the cleanliness of its coat. Apart from this, it is essential to observe other hygienic measures such as cleaning the eyes and ears as well as brushing the teeth.

Health Problems
The Biewer Terrier suffers from common affections at the Yorkshire Terrier. Some common problems to which they are known are knee dislocation, hypoglycemia, Legge Calve Perthes syndrome, tracheal collapse and bladder stones.

The training of these intelligent dogs would not be a task too difficult unless the owner is intelligent, spiritual and sufficiently discreet to cope with his obstinate and strong nature.

Biewer Terrier puppies should be socialized from the beginning so that they learn to mix well with the guests and other dogs of the house. Make sure to build his rapport with people who visit your home often by asking them to carry a gag with them whenever they interact with the dog at least at the start. Take them freely in dog parks and help them interact with other puppies. If you have another dog at home, bring them together. Give them time to interact with each other with supervision, and be fairly assertive if one becomes aggressive in relation to the other.

Teach your dog to follow basic commands such as \Anti-Depression\, \Start\, \Start\ and \Gou\, so you can better control. Treat it in a manner similar to a big dog and prohibit it from doing anything like disapproval or screaming unnecessarily.

Feed your Biewer Terrier with a spoon half a cup of dog food on a daily basis. Their stomach is known to be a little sensitive. Therefore, owners should take special care while setting a diet for them. Care should even be taken to feed them at a given time daily rather than making them wait for prolonged periods between meals since they suffer from hypoglycemia.

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