Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer Review

Doggy Dan - Online Dog Trainer

Why should you consider Doggy Dan with best online dog training rather than the traditional dog trainer you see in-person? For starters, Doggy Dan’s prices are much less expensive than an in-person dog trainer. Personal dog trainers can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 per hour.

Doggy Dan – The Online Dog Trainer

You are also restricted to the dog trainer’s schedule. With online dog training school, you can train your dog on your time. You also build a stronger connection with him through behavioral training, reinforcing your position in the house as the “alpha dog.”
We hope our Doggy Dan Review will help you and your doggie to find a behavioral training solution that works.

Daniel Abdelnoor, who runs, is a full-time dog trainer in New Zealand. He’s also an activist for animal rights and a celebrity dog trainer, as well as an author and media personality. He’s worked with and trained a variety of dog breeds and has worked with all types of dog training issues.

The Online Dog Trainer” is an online dog-training program that shares more than 160 instructional videos that effectively eliminate 30+ common behavioral dog and puppy issues – without resorting to yelling, hitting, or using brutal training gadgets.doggydan

Note: All the information I’ve shared with you above is from my own experience with Daniel Abdelnoor’s 5 rules for dog training video course. I’ve implemented as much information as I could in the 3 months since I signed up for the program. My personal recommendation is that as a dog owner or future dog owner this program is the best possible resource to help you teach your dog the life skills he needs. You’ll learn how to become the pack leader of your dog!

Modern Online Dog Training

onlinedogtrainingDan is able to train dogs without using things like clickers or stinky dog treats.
He also doesn’t shout at the dogs in order to train them.
Dan believes that dogs who are treated poorly won’t truly want to obey their owners.
He doesn’t want your dog to fear you in order to obey you. Instead, he focuses on loving ways to train your dog that don’t involve any sort of cruelty.
The best part about this Doggy Dan review is knowing that your dog will remain happy even while learning to obey.

Dog Behavioral Corrections

dogbehaviortrainingThere are a number of things that Dan can help with through online dog training when it comes to your dog’s behavior.
Overall, there are 34 different issues that Dan can work on with your puppy or dog.
Dan can also help dogs stay calm when their owners leave the home instead of crying and whimpering the entire time.
Separation anxiety issues can have a major impact on dogs and their owners.
A related issue that Dan can help with is the fear of loud noises, like the vacuum cleaning or fireworks.

Dog Training Videos

dogtrainingvideosBy signing up for the Doggy Dan mailing list, you can access a free video series. The videos will teach dog owners how to get your dog to obey you. This video series is great for people who have a brand new puppy, as well as owners who have an older dog that’s in desperate need of training. Dan explains why “traditional” styles of dog training don’t often work and why using clickers or food to train dogs isn’t a good long-term solution. The videos also show owners how to get dogs to listen to them without using things like yelling, aggression, force or fear tactics.

Dan breaks through antiquated dog training myths, such as that the only way to train a dog is to use a shock collar. He also avoids using unnecessary dog training methods, even if they’re not cruel. For example, many dog trainers use clickers, which don’t hurt the dog in any way but instead click in order to communicate with the dog. Dan feels that dogs are able to listen and communicate with their owner without the use of this clicker.
He truly values dogs and treats them like the smart, insightful animals they are.


Is Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training Program for You?

If you have a dog or are looking to get one, Doggy Dan dog training program is the best investment you can probably make at this point.
I tried Doggy Dan’s training methods for more than 3 months on a Yorkie Terrier puppy together with my nephew Andrew.

Because each technique is present to you in video form it’s very easy to understand and to implement.


I mean if my 7-year-old nephew can go through this course

and figure it out, I’m sure anyone can.

The videos are “over the shoulder” demonstrations of how to implement each dog training technique. They’re all done by Daniel himself with real dogs and their owners. You’ll see the exact body language he uses, the tone of his voice, how the dog reacts and how his behavior changes due to the dog training techniques being used.


Here are just some of the dog behavioral issues that Dan’s dog training videos can help you with:

1. Pulling on the leash
2. Jumping on you or other people
3. Not coming when called
4. Toilet training issues
5. Mouthing and biting issues
6. Crying when left alone
7. Not responding to your commands
8. Digging issues
9. Chewing issues
10. Problems with stealing
11. Separation anxiety issues
12. Aggression towards other dogs
13. Aggression towards your other dogs
14. Aggression towards strangers
15. Aggression towards you
16. Aggression towards other objects
17. Aggression towards other animals

18. Barking at the front door
19. Barking while you’re on walks
20. Bark while in your car
21. Barking around your property
22. Barking when home alone
23. Issues with hyperactivity
24. Excessive licking or chewing
25. Attention seeking and following
26. Issues with tail chasing
27. Jumping up on your furniture
28. A fear of objects
29. A fear of other people or dogs
30. Issues with running away
31. Fear of loud sounds (fireworks, thunder, etc.)
32. Issues with submissive urination
33. Unique and unexplained obsessions
34. Eating poop (coprophagia)

I’m sure that as a dog owner you can probably relate to one or more of these behavioral problems that most untrained dogs have and we as dog owners have to face. The Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer benefits you as well as your dog. Only by learning how to train your dog you will avoid stressful and frustrating situations that are very common in a dog owner’s life. But before you can train your dog you have to know how he thinks and how he learns different commands, and this is where Dan’s video demonstrations are perfect at offering the right information at the right time.

The Online Dog Trainer Member’s Area

Doggy Dan’s online dog training program is a monthly membership in which you gain access to the member’s area.
The member’s area is split into 6 sections.
Put together, there are more than 200 videos that show you how to train your dog or your puppy in a gentle and fun way.


Section #1: How to become the pack leader

doggydaneasywayDan reveals “the big secret to dog training” right from the start. In order for your dog to cooperate during the training routines he has to see you as the authoritative figure, in other words, he has to see you as the PACK LEADER. As soon as this change happens in your dog’s mind, everything becomes so much easier.
Most dog training guides don’t even mention the fact that before you start training your dog you need to first change the way your dog responds to you.

Get Free Access to Daniel’s 4-Part Dog Obedience Video Course

There are 22 videos plus articles, audios, and PDFs that take you through the 5 Golden Rules which will help you become the pack leader, the authority.

Section #2: Dog training tools and techniques

dogtrainingIn this section of the training, you’ll discover all the tools you need and how to use them to effectively train your dog. You’ll also learn Doggy Dan 5 golden rules and training techniques which he uses himself.

There are 18 information packed videos from which you’ll learn the Short Line, the Energy Meter, the Stick Trick, the Long Line, the Calm Freeze and many other techniques that Dan uses as a professional dog trainer every day with his clients.
After you’ve gone through these videos, there will be no training situation in which you won’t feel 100% in control of.

If you don’t like videos, you can get all the information in PDF format and articles.

Section #3: Puppy training

In this section, you’ll find 31 videos that teach you everything you need to know about potty training a puppy.
What you’re going to get from this section is detailed information on getting started with potty training your puppy, general health tips, essential information on socializing, command training and behavioral issues.
If you just got a new puppy or want to get one, Dan’s puppy training section has everything you need to help deal with situations like toilet training, gumming, jumping and chewing and other similar situations.

Section #4: Project Moses video diary

This section is unique to Daniel’s dog training program. It’s a video diary you can follow of an 8-week puppy through to 1 year. It’s the most information-packed section with 68 videos. Project Moses was my nephew’s favorite part of the training and the one we spend the most time studying. The name of the puppy is Moses, hence the name Project Moses. You can watch how Dan himself trains the puppy turning him into a fantastic dog. This section is a great addition to the puppy training section and it gives you everything you need to know to raise the perfect puppy.

Section #5: Dog problems

This section gives you practical information to help you with taking care of your dog’s behavioral problems. If you think your dog can’t be trained, this section will prove to you that any dog behavior issue can be fixed, from pulling on the leash, to dog on dog aggression. Doggy Dan provides you with easy solutions that cover the full range of dog behavior problems. Everything can be solved. The dog problems section contains 56 videos. Like all the sections in the program, the videos come together with downloadable PDFs and articles.

Section #6: Dog training advanced techniques

The advanced dog training section is where you really begin to understand your dog and how to connect with him.
Here is where you’ll find advanced training techniques that will allow you to turn your dog into a happy, well-mannered member of the family.
Specific command and obedience training, dog tricks and more. There are 41 videos that bring all the information together.

Here are some of the free videos from Doggy Dan online dog trainer program.

They will give you an idea about the program and how it works!

Doggy Dan’s 5 Day Course: Introduction to Dog Training


Introduction to Dog Training

Day 1 – Pulling on the Leash

Day 2 – Puppy Training

Day 3 – Dog Aggression

Day 4 – People Aggression

Day 5 - Holiday Training