4 Important Conditions for Resulting in Online Slots

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4 important conditions for the results of online slots,  place a bet, press spin, sit and wait for the results. Here are 3 things to do in playing online slots that many people are familiar with. Because it is a gambling game that has nothing to think about. Even if you think about it, you can only find the probability or the chance that we will win. Because in the end we can’t control anything anyway. But did you know that if we know about the conditions that will affect the prize draw of online slots, then we can increase our chances of winning the spinning wheel game as well? But what will be there, let’s go see.

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payout percentage

If House Edge is the casino edge, then RTP ( Return To Player ) is the percentage payout to the player. Suppose we play a slot with an RTP of 96.1. When a bet of 100 baht is placed, the money will be sent to the casino for 3.9 baht, while the other 96.1 baht will be paid back to the player.

However, RTP is calculated based on long-term events. And the important thing that we need to be careful is that no matter how high the RTP, the longer we play, the more disadvantage we are at the casino. At the same time, if we play for a short time, spin for a while, this is quite a win-win.

As for the RTP value, he doesn’t set it up floating around because every game that the casino offers, he will have to test that game first if it’s fair with the players or not. With testing tools such as TST, eCOGRA, which are specific tools for testing gambling games. Then it will inform the RTP value back, the casino will come to see if it is worth using or not.

Another thing that must be understood is The payout rate and the frequency of the prize draw are different. The payout is what we get back. As for the frequency, it depends on how many symbols on the slot game are there.

number of symbols

If anyone has studied Slot Odds, they will know that the fewer the symbols, the better. Although the results are monotonous. But in the routine, it’s more of a chance for us to win than those with lots of amazing symbols.

Even so, the symbol’s exit has to be related to the payline. which we can study from the pay table In it, it will say that in order for us to receive the prize money, we have to spin to get what symbols. and arranged in such a way that the prize money will be paid

When talking about symbols, let’s take an example of the Big Win award. Most of these prizes are available in 5-reel online slots. The draw conditions are quite difficult, but they are suitable for the heaviest payouts in the game. That is, we have to spin the slot to get 5 scatter symbols arranged on the same payline. In this event, anyone who gets rich is no less than the progressive jackpot ever.

While the Wild symbol (Wind) is another equally important symbol. because of the properties that can replace every other image giving us more chances to win Let’s say we spin the symbols that will get the prize money arranged on the Pay Line, but accidentally missing one. If the missing one is up to Wind instead, it is considered that we have won as well.

number of reels

In addition to the number of symbols The number of reels or the number of reels also affects the prize draw. If it is a slot machine that is played in a casino, there may be only 3 reels, 5 reels, but when it comes to online slots , at least there are 5 reels, sometimes it is 10 reels, bringing 2 reels together, which the payout conditions are different. This is different, you need to study more in each game.

For Cascading Reel, it is special that it is a broken reel. Similar to the game we are familiar with. The way it works is if the spin is already rewarded. It will break the symbol on that payline and move another symbol up. At this point, if the symbol it is in the Pay Line, we will get another reward. It can be called repeated, stacked extremely lucky

Pay Line

It is another key factor in the awarding of prizes. In every slot game, there is a pre-defined set of symbols that have to be arranged in a certain way in order to pay. and how much to pay Each game has different paylines. Dolphin Coast Slot, for example, has up to 3,125 paylines.

Having so many paylines doesn’t make it difficult to place bets or ruin the casino at all. Conversely, the more pay lines there are. We have more chances to win with diversification. For example, we have money to play for 100 baht per round. If a game has 1,024 pay lines, we can divide 100 baht to bet on each line, 1 baht per line, which means that we have a greater chance of winning compared to placing Bet several baht per line, but get less lines. Even if it’s a small amount, it’s pretty sure that you’ll get a reward from this ride anyway.

How is it with the story behind the awarding of online slots? Knowing this way, it might be enough to get some guidelines for betting. And in the next episode, I will share the story in any corner of the slot that you don’t know yet. This must be followed up. for today hello