Chelsea fans start to distrust the new owner after ordering the board to remove the whole set

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It’s not too late to hit it! Chelsea supporters Complaining on social media after Todd Boleigh. The new owner of the board of directors. Designed the whole set Even those do good work get hit too.

After Todd Boleigh, an American billionaire Has taken over the team. Sing the Bulls Chelsea a famous football club in the English Premier League. Which at first fans Sing the Bulls are expected to make the club have money to buy players. Good pace to strengthen the army Strengthen the team in the upcoming season.

But that didn’t turn out to be the case. When new chairman Todd Boleigh sacked the entire board. Including Bruce Buck Granovskaia. The UFABET club’s chief executive, most recently Peter. Cech the former goalkeeper of the team. Technical advisor He has been in this role since 2019.

from various events Occurring within the Chelsea club. The new chairman of the residence. Stamford Bridge has yet to pay off the budget for the army with the team. But back away from the board of directors. Though Some people will have a good performance in their roles. They also hit the tail of the number. make the fans look The team may have a poor performance like some teams in the Premier League, so they came out on social media a lot.

Examples of messages that fans of “Sing the Bulls”

“Wow, Boleigh, the new owners are really into cleaning the house.”

“We’re done, American millionaires. will make the end of our beloved club for sure.”

 “Our team has changed too much. It’s also a bad change because Tuchel loves working with Cech, he’s said many times.

“We had this kind of situation with a club that loved him and us.”

“Now I’m starting to get really scared of the new owner. He came to destroy the good structure of the club. and dismissed the people who knew the club the most. #Please pray for our Chelsea.”