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Online Roulette Game It is the second most popular game among online gamblers. Second only to the game of baccarat. With the nature of the game is not difficult. Just place bets in the desired format. Then wait for the steel ball to spin along the circular wheel. and stop at any number Only then did I know that Did you win the bet in that round? And with no less than 10 betting styles with different payout rates It’s not uncommon for people to fall in love with this game until they can’t hold back. If you try to play it, you will love this game, it’s not difficult as well.

Roulette rules that gamblers must know

Before you try playing roulette yourself, there are several rules that you need to understand. Not just choosing to bet on a specific number to get money. Because as I said before, there are many ways to bet in this game. And this game is a game that the dealer has quite an advantage. Therefore, it is important to choose a form of betting at a level where you can take risks. which can be considered from the following information

Single number: 

This type of betting can choose to bet from numbers 0-36. Of course, if you guessed correctly, the prize received must be very high as well, that is, 35.

Even Number : 

It is a bet by choosing from two numbers that are adjacent to each other both vertically and horizontally, such as 13,14 or 33,36. If the bet is correct, you will get 17.


A bet on one of three numbers horizontally, such as 16,17,18 or 4,5,6.


It bets on one of the four numbers in the square, such as 20,21,23,24. If the bet is correct, 8 will be awarded.

Six line: 

A bet on one of the six numbers in two horizontal rows, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. If the bet is correct, 5 will be awarded.


It is a group of 12 bets, which are divided into 3 groups: 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. If the bet is correct, 2 per.


similar to Dozen stabbing, just change to a vertical row, can stab 3 plus if correct, get 2 as well.

There are also 3 other types of bets that can only be bet once. Or equal to having a risk of only 50:50, it is an odd-odd, red-black and high-low bet, which is a bet that is suitable for people who like low risk. or have little capital but want to collect large chunks Not ready to risk betting in other ways.

how to play roulette What kind of play is the right way to play?

I really want to say that there is no wrong way. It depends entirely on your funds and your mind. that has the courage to risk placing bets at any level however For a newbie with no previous experience, it can be difficult. because I don’t know where to start We therefore recommend a simple technique. Let’s try to use it during the practice of this skill first.

1. View game statistics

When entering the roulette room Don’t be impatient to place your bets. Let’s watch 5-10 games first to see which color comes out more. or the numbers go out in any direction Because some tables may have a particular color that is very special. while some tables prefer high numbers rather than low numbers preliminary assessment of the situation It will help you to better predict outcomes and probabilities.

2. Set a budget to play.

Roulette is a relatively fast-paced game. even slower than baccarat But if accidentally stabbed in many ways, it’s not right at all. All the money you have will be gone in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it should be well planned. How many baht will you play today? In what manner will it be played? So that you still have some money left to fund your future days.

3. Start playing with the least risk first.

Although roulette has many betting formats. But it is not necessary that we always choose to place bets with high risk rates. Choose to play only the ones that are more confident, for example, this number has not been released for a long time. while waiting Then play the low-risk, odd, red, high-low pair first, because there is a greater chance of winning. Sometimes than to win a high-risk one. may be able to profit from this little mix until enough

4. Drop the number 0 and leave it some.

Unbelievable, you have to believe that the number 0 is a number that comes out often enough. When we accidentally get a little 0, the number will come again. and when to come Whatever bets other than 0 will have to lose to all dealers. If you haven’t seen the number 0 for a long time, you want to put some drops on the end of the mitt. At least the minimum set by the website is good. If you drop 10 baht and it’s cheap, you can get back 350 baht. You can use it to make more capital.

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