Paul Merson predicts the big match score: Manchester United vs. Manchester City

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Manchester United will open at Old Trafford to compete in the Manchester Derby against Manchester City, last year’s former champions, with both teams considered to be in good form. But Paul Merson thinks there will be only one winner in this game.

Paul Merson predicts the big match score: Manchester United vs. Manchester City

Paul Merson, the famous Sky Sports pundit, has predicted the outcome of the big Premier League match between Manchester United and Manchester City, which will be played at the Old Trafford stadium. Nord this Sunday night

Erik ten Hag’s team came back and won 3 straight matches in all competitions. After poor form last month, while Pep Guardiola led the team to 2 consecutive victories as well.

However, Merson still believes in the overall quality of the away team and thinks City will attack and collect all 3 points with a score of 1-3.

“Although Manchester United’s results over the past week can make up for previous failures, But I think they definitely won’t have a chance to beat Man City. The picture of the สมัคร ufabet game that I can imagine is that City will have more possession, while United will wait for the moment to counter to score.”

“When looking at the UEFA Champions League game Midweek, I thought Manchester United weren’t good enough as they had to rely on Andre Onana’s penalty save in the 95th minute to win over Danish team Copenhagen. in your own house”

“Like the win over Brentford, Scott Evenkotimnay helped the team grab three points in injury time after dominating the game for 85 minutes. minute”

“The Red Devils have a chance of losing soon and they will have to play very carefully against Manchester City to keep the score from being a mess,” Merson said.