Sharp temple! Ex-agent Lewandowski believes he left the club because he wanted a Benzema duel.

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Who will be number one! Former agent Lewandowski reveals the reason why Lewand wants to go to “Barca” to compete with Benzema. Because he likes to compete with good players. World leading level

From the news that Robert Lewandowski. A famous striker of the team. Southern Tigers Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga giants of Germany’s Bundesliga club, expressed the desire to move. Football from the city of Beer to Barcelona, ​​the giants of the Spanish La Liga club this summer. Although there is still a contract with “Southern Tiger” for about 1 year

Cesari Kucharski, the former agent of Robert Lewandowski, told Spanish newspaper Radio Ser. One of the reasons the Polish star is keen to join Barcelona is because he wants to prove himself better than Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema.

For Lewandowski, playing football is a kind of job. that must be very professional This led him to try to prove he was the best by battling his pace with great players. world-leading At the UFABET club level between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​it is the same team. So it’s not his dream to play with “Barca” Kucharski said.

The Robert Lewandowski in the latest season. He has scored 50 goals for Bayern Munich in 46 appearances in all competitions, while Benzema has scored 44 goals for Real Madrid in 46 appearances across all competitions.

There is also news that Bayern Munich is ready to release Robert Lewandowski, the team’s striker, but wants a fee of 60 million euros, or approximately 2,220 million baht in Thai money.