The world of football has changed! “Barca” must go beyond the past.

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Don’t get stuck! Ronald Koeman former Barcelona coach Many at the club are too attached to the past. Especially the style of play Agree that what Jones Laporta. President of the club Barça expressed his doubts about his own abilities, remains unsettled to this day.

Dutch manager Ronald Koeman was criticized that The results failed to control the team Barcelona, ​​the giants of the Spanish La Liga battle, especially the team has a style of play that is different from the original that could have been done before coming into the UFABET team. He was eventually sacked and Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez was brought in to take over.

Recently, the former Barcelona coach gave an interview with Catalunya Radio, the famous media of the Catalunya region. Spain that “Football that I do as a way to dominate the game. This system allows the team to play with their best form over the years. You cannot say that it is a defensively focused system.”

“We play well in this style of game. The most obvious example is The final of the 2020-21 Copa del Rey season where Barcelona beat Athletic 4-0. Whether it’s playing with a 4-3-3 system or a Tiki-Taka style.”

“Football has changed. Now we have to play faster. and focus on using strength more than before You can’t be stuck in the past. Which has passed until today, I am not happy with what Jones Laporta, the president of Barcelona. Always showing doubts about his ability as a manager,” Koeman said at the end.