3 popular breakfast foods overeating risky “Diabetes – Kidney Degeneration”

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Breakfast that is often attached to Thai people’s homes. If eaten a lot or for a long time. It may increase the risk of diabetes and kidney failure without knowing it.

Dr. Nantaphon Pongratanaman, M.D. Advisor Department of Vascular Surgery Phramongkutklao Hospital or Doctor Top identifies 3 popular breakfasts of Thai people eat a lot may risk diabetes and kidney deterioration as follows

3 popular breakfast foods overeating risky "Diabetes - Kidney Degeneration"

3 popular breakfast foods overeating risky “Diabetes – Kidney Degeneration”

  1. cereal

sugar coated cereal or cereals with various flavors can increase the risk of developing kidney disease. Because cereal is a type of food ultra-processed food means food that has been processed a lot, eat a lot. The body will stimulate insulin more often. The body may become insulin resistant. until it may cause diabetes until kidney failure can follow ทางเข้า ufabet

  1. white bread

White bread is a type of food. high-processed food may not be as much as cereal. But white bread is refined. And less dietary fiber Consumption of these foods, combined with butter, sugar, sweetened condensed milk or jam, can stimulate insulin. until the body becomes insulin resistant This increases the risk of diabetes and kidney deterioration that requires lifelong dialysis as well. including obesity

  1. bakery

Pancakes, waffles, croissants, bakery foods a type of food ultra-processed food with quite a variety of ingredients Whether it’s flour, non-dairy creamer (some types), butter, sugar, etc., that can cause insulin resistance to the point of diabetes and kidney failure as well.

However, Health recommends that such breakfast can still be eaten. But should not eat repeatedly every day should be rotated to eat other types of breakfast. that provide a variety of nutrients, such as rice porridge, porridge, boiled pork blood, etc., including foods that contain all 5 groups of ingredients so that the body receives complete nutrients And reduce the risk of diabetes and kidney disease.