7 things that make “fat” more unknowingly

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Weight gain that affects the physical condition of being overweight or obese, perhaps the cause of the weight gain may come from something close to the body that we are unaware of. But what will it be? Let’s go read together.

7 things that make "fat" more unknowingly

Eating too quickly

Eating food quickly, not chewing thoroughly It has been reported that it can make you gain weight. and may result in a tendency to be obese Of course, besides the body takes a lot of time to digest. Do not forget that when we eat, it will have to wait for a signal to be sent to the UFABET brain. To tell that our body is full, imagine if we hurry to eat. The signal has not yet been sent to the brain. That means you may have to eat more than necessary. Therefore, slowly eat chew thoroughly 

drink less

In daily life, we have research showing that 16-28% of adults drink less water than the body needs each day. There is an interesting study. He said that if we don’t drink enough water, the body will feel thirsty. And perhaps thirst is misinterpreted by the body as hunger. make us eat more food as well 

too social

This is quite interesting with too much socializing. Of course we have to socialize. But sometimes society can cause us to gain weight, for example, we socialize by drinking beer regularly. grilled pork society Of course, people tend to eat the same things as the group we go with. as well as those who like to exercise People in this group are more likely to exercise. Including eating foods that are useful as well 

sitting too long

sitting for 9 to 11 hours a day There are studies that show a tendency to gain weight. And also the risk of dying early than others. A study of 600,000 people found that adults who sit more than 10 hours a day There was a 34% higher risk of early death. They also found that people who sit for long periods tend to spend less time exercising. 

size of rice dish

Believe it or not, the size of the plate Our food bowls also affect food intake and weight. Over 72 studies have found that people eat more according to the size of the plate or cup served. Interestingly, even though the amount of food is the same But if served in a large plate People who eat tend to feel unsatisfied. And this is the result of the eyes seeing and the brain feeling that we are not eating enough. 

eating in front of the tv

Eating in front of the TV while watching TV can be enjoyable. But studies show that it also distracts us. and when losing concentration We also tend to eat more. 

eating too little

Eating too little food in each category Whether it is protein, vegetables, fruits, etc., which eating too little can affect our body, causing weight gain, such as in America. More than 70% of people are overweight or obese. The main reason is from not eating enough fruits and vegetables.