Eating “late meal” really makes you “fat”?

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“Eating after 6pm will make you fat” is a classic sentence for people on a diet, especially young women. who turned to care about their own health , but it was difficult not to eat anything late at night because they just finished work at 6 pm, causing in addition to having to be stressed about working each day still have to be stressed from the cause of dieting again Today we have found the answer that eating late at night really makes you fatter or not?

Eating "late meal" really makes you "fat"?

Late night meals do not make you fat at all.

In fact, eating late night food Or eating food after 6 pm does not cause weight gain at all. Because weight gain after eating does not depend on “time” but depends on “volume” while chewing food into the mouth.

As a result of several studies, it was found that. Our body’s food processing system at night is no different from digestion during the day. Because our bodies require consistent calories throughout the UFABET day. To regulate body temperature and repairing parts that are already worn

So why is eating late at night still fat?

Many people may still wonder if eating at night doesn’t really make you fat. But why does the weight of night eaters still depend? The reason for that is because we eat too much food than is necessary.

The human body normally needs 2,000 calories each day for women. and men need 2,500 calories per day. If we eat more food than we need, that nutrient will be converted into excess energy that comes with weight gain.

However, eating at night does not actually make you fat. but opening the refrigerator to find something in his mouth late at night makes us fatter than any other meal Research in the United States has found that it’s true. Late night is a meal that many people like to eat more than any other time. because it may be caused by stress that has accumulated all day Loneliness that likes to come at night Causing us to tend to put more things in our mouths than usual without accident Causing the amount of calories to hit the target as needed