How to Hydrate a Yorkie Coat

Yorkie coat
The Yorkshire terriers are known for shiny and silky coats that do not spread.
The disadvantage of not losing, however, is that their hair will dry and divide, just as in humans. Regularly brushing and moisturizing your yorkie’s coat will prevent the split ends from making the hair silky fragile.
Bathe your yorkie using a gentle moisturizing shampoo and rinse your puppy thoroughly. Do not comb the moisturizing oil through the dirty hair, as it will make your yorkie look greasy and spin, not silky. Allow it to shake off the excess moisture before wrapping it comfortably in a thick towel. Her hair should be slightly damp, but not dry. Removing excess moisture from her hair allows the strands to absorb moisturizing oil. Spend this stage if you have bathed your puppy over the last three or four days.
Mist the coat of your yorkie slightly with a small bottle of olive oil or coat oil. Hold the spray bottle 6 inches above your puppy and spray a shot in the middle of its back to get a light but even coverage. Move your fingers through her hair when the fog falls, so that the oil reaches under the surface of her coat. If your yorkie’s hair is more than 3 inches long, focus on blending the ends of its coat, where dry hair is likely to split. The oil seals the existing moisture in her hair while protecting it from future rupture.
Brush the oil gently into your yorkie’s hair using a boar bristle brush. The small hairs distribute the oil through her hair while eliminating the coils that have developed during her bath. Imagine a line that crosses the length of your yorkie. Start on one side by brushing in a gentle motion down from the root to the tip. Repeat the operation on the opposite side. Seed your dog’s hair with a hair dryer to give it an extra silky finish.

Articles you will need

  • Moisturizing shampoo
  • Thick towel
  • Spray bottle
  • Olive oil
  • Boar-bristle hairbrush
  • Blow dryer

Moisten your yorkie’s hair for touch-up brushing by lightly spraying her coat with a diluted conditioner. Brush your hair as you normally would, and your puppy coat will shine with moisture.
Brush your yorkie’s hair every day to remove the coils before becoming knots and carpets. Brushing also stimulates the scalp and distributes your dog’s natural skin oils in its entire coat.
Less is always more when it comes to applying oil. Start with the minimum and add more if necessary after the dryness of your baby. Overloading your yorkie’s coat in any type of oil will leave your hair looking and feeling greasy.