How to learn dog obedience training


The notion of being able to home train a dog has become a major fascination to dog owners in recent times. Many want to be able to understand what it takes to be able to train their dogs at home and gate them to behave in a desirable and respectable manner. Not many people have been successful in their quest to uncover the mystery that is dog obedience training. Their efforts have borne less results. They did not get the answers they were seeking. But there is no reason to give up. There are people who dedicated their time to studying dogs and are willing to share their valuable discovery with people all over the world. doggy dan - dog trainerOne of these is a certified professional dog trainer and a dog behaviorist that shares the discoveries he made over his career through an online platform he refers to as the online dog trainer.

Among the many lessons he teaches is the golden rules to becoming a successful pack leader. You may be wondering what a pack leader is and what it has to do with dog obedience training. For your information you might want to know that dogs just like the wolves they descended from are pack animals. This means they operate in a pack or a group that has leader that earned his position by fighting it out with other pack members or by dominating them. This knowledge is important to anyone who intends to train a dog as he has to become his dogs pack leader for the dog to follow his instructions.

Learning dog obedience training often starts with learning to understand dog behavior. Dogs are from a different class of animals from humans and for this reason they communicate, behave and respond entirely differently from the way humans do. They show desire, anger, love, respect or even fear in a different way to that of humans. And understanding these behaviors and the motivation behind it helps a great deal in training the dog on obedience. You don’t need to start from scratch to understand dog behavior.

The online dog trainer I mentioned earlier made interesting discoveries about dog behavior that he shares on his site, the online dog trainer. He gives step by step procedures that enable you understand both dog behavior and dog training. The videos share his consultancy experiences live and users can get to learn firsthand by watching him in the field applying the tips he shares with them.

An obedient and well behaved dog is a joy to any dog owner. It is a dog you can trust with your property, children or strangers. It is a dog spares you the need to take unprecedented actions such as locking him up or having him wear a shield around his mouth to protect your friends or family members from being attacked. A kind of dog that obeys you saves you a lot of money as he will rarely get into trouble.