Teacup Yorkie Puppy – The Mini Yorkshire Terrier

teacup yorkie
a teacup yorkie

Teacup Yorkie is a favorite term but also used are conditions such as for example miniature Yorkshire Terriers, Teacup Yorkshire Terriers, mini Yorkies, micro Yorkies and Gadget Yorkies.

So you’ve decided a regular Yorkie isn’t adorable and cute more than enough for you. You’re considering Teacup Yorkie Puppy. There is absolutely no denying Teacup Yorkies’ severe adorableness, and their happy-go-lucky, spirited character can be very appealing. But just because a Tea Cup Yorkie is tiny doesn’t mean the responsibilities for owning one are small, too. Still think a Teacup Yorkie puppy is usually right for you?

If a Yorkshire Terrier is just too much dog for you, there’s good news. You can get a smaller version of the breed – one so tiny that it not only can ride in a purse, but could probably get lost in one. The Tea Cup Yorkie, also known as a Miniature or Toy Yorkshire Terrier, weighs in at four pounds or less, which makes it one of the most precious and lightweight pooches around.

Technically, the Teacup Yorkie isn’t an actual breed. It’s just a Yorkie that’s smaller than the breed specification due to chance or (progressively) breeding. Still, because there’s so much interest in these little dogs, they definitely warrant their own conversation.

So how big do a Teacup Yorkie get?

Official breed standards for showing an adult Yorkshire Terrier insist that a Yorkie must weigh between four pounds (1.81 kilograms) and seven pounds (3.17 kilograms).
The teacup is a phrase that can be used to spell it out a Yorkie that at full adult size is significantly less than four pounds in weight.
The average teacup Yorkie weighs between one particular and 3 pounds as a grown-up dog.

This is what is waiting for you:

1. They are INCREDIBLY fragile as puppy dogs…and as adults
Teacup Yorkie ADULTS are just between two to 4 pounds. Puppy dogs have the term “Teacup” within their name for grounds. They. Are. Tiny. You will literally need to watch your stage with a Teacup Yorkie, because also an accidental stage on them can result in serious injuries; it could even be fatal. Whilst getting a little pup for your children may look such as a sweet idea, it’s rather a bad one. Bigger pets may also be an issue, therefore a Teacup Yorkie Puppy could be greatest in an one-pet house with either simply men and women or adolescent and teenagers.

2. Their size doesn’t stop them
Like the majority of tiny pups, the Mini Yorkie puppy dog doesn’t appear to know he’s only an impressive two pounds. Toy Yorkies aren’t their own breed of dog; actually, the AKC doesn’t identify the Teacup Yorkie at all. Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are actually simple ole Yorkshire Terriers that are really, really small. They are inquisitive, a bit stubborn, and enjoy exploring and activity.

3. They can come with a large amount of health issues
Teacup puppies are very trendy, and thus many breeders are rushing to produce as many while they can. Overbreeding can lead to health issues with any puppy. In the event that you merge that with the actual fact that Teacup Yorkshire Puppy dogs are essentially runts of the litter (who may also be prone to medical issues), and you’ll have vet expenses stacking up quickly.

In case you are considering a Teacup Yorkshire Puppy dog, really analysis your breeder to be sure you aren’t helping an inhumane practice. Be skeptical of any breeder who markets themselves simply because a “Teacup” Yorkie professional, because once again, the Teacup Yorkie isn’t technically a breed of dog, and there exists a good possibility they are exponentially jacking up their charges for a pup they state is its breed (it’s not really) that may possibly also have serious medical issues from the start.

4. They have a strict feeding schedule
Due to their small stature, feeding may also be demanding with Teacup Yorkshire puppy dogs. Their little size makes them struggling to store as very much fat or consume as very much food as a pup that’s ten pounds or even more. Depending on individual requirements, you will have to feed your Teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppy dog a little amount once every two to four hours. This also means that potty breaks will be more frequent.

5. All of the effort will be worth it
If you do your research with breeders (or rescues!), have the time and right home setting, and are ready to take a large amount of potty breaks, owning a Teacup Yorkie puppy can be extremely rewarding. They will love you to the moon and back, make your Instagram fans go up by a thousand after just posting one picture of them, and bring a mindfulness to your life. You will have to always be present with a Teacup Yorkie pup, because their little bodies have huge needs.

Owning a Tea cup Yorkie

Teacups are adorable and easy to handle. They’re active by nature and can usually get exercise in even the smallest of apartments. That said, there are some cons to bringing home a Mini Yorkshire puppy.

Getting a tiny terrier intended for your young children might seem like a pretty idea, but in fact it’s a very very bad one. Like all breakable objects, these fragile pups should be kept away from anyone who isn’t capable of being very careful.

Due to these dog’s delicate nature, you may have to take extra care when feeding them. That could include seeking out premium dog food or, if the dog is definitely hypoglycemic, feeding him or her three or more times per day.

Shady Breeders.
Toy Yorkshires have reached to be a huge craze, and that’s attracted the interest of a whole lot of breeders – the right, some poor. The downside of shopping for from a poor breeder is not simply that you support irresponsible ( and perhaps inhumane) practices, but perhaps winding up with a pet dog with critical genetic defects.

Teacups Health Issues and Life Expectancy

tea cup yorkie
tea cup yorkie

Teacup Yorkie Terriers frequently have sensitive little tummies

Unfortunately, Miniature Yorkies generally don’t live provided that their much larger counterparts. They have problems with most of the same digestive complications as standard Yorkshires, in addition to a few of the hazards particular to micro breeds. Specifically, they have a tendency to have problems with hypoglycemia (low blood glucose ), and could require special treatment and extra feeding.Also, these mini pups are so fragile that serious injuries are a real probability even during normal everyday activities. Anyone who’s ever owned a terrier or other small doggie knows how very easily they can get underfoot. An accident that might cause a sturdier doggie to yelp could very easily send a Teacup to the emergency vet.

Being little doesn’t seem to damage the self-esteem of these dogs.

Like other terriers, they don’t seem to realize that they’re smaller than other dogs ( or perhaps they do, and compensate for it with an extra-large personality ). Like standard Yorkshire Terriers, these micro pups are active and adventurous. They love attention from their owners, but have their own priorities as well – hunting vermin, barking, and generally getting into trouble. Quite simply, they can be a handful (literally).

Remember, you will find just about any breed of puppy you are looking for at a shelter or rescue. Look on Facebook for a Teacup Yorkie or Plaything Yorkie Rescue organizations in your area.