Worst eating habits that causes the metabolism system to “break” unconsciously

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What methods do you usually use when trying to lose or control weight, exercise? Reduce food? Calorie control? Refrain from your favorite food? And many other ways to recruit, but many people forget to think about the most important thing. no matter which way you choose Each method you choose has to do with “metabolism” of your whole body

worst eating habits that causes the metabolic system to "break" unconsciously

The body’s metabolic process is essential to many bodily functions, the main one being converting the food you eat into energy. And put that energy into the activities you do during the day. The energy will gradually Burn it all out with the activities you do. If your metabolic system is working normally. The body burns energy (well) even while sleeping! But if your metabolic system has a problem Your UFABET body will burn less and slower energy.

Our body’s metabolic system may deteriorate without our knowledge. But when the metabolic system malfunctions There will be warning signs to the body such as hair loss, dry skin, fatigue, exhaustion. and weight gain or have trouble losing weight Metabolic malfunctions are frustrating. But we can improve. Just change some eating habits. to help the body’s metabolic rate improve

Amy Goodson, author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook, nutritionist and diet expert, and Lauren Harris-Pincus. Founder and Owner NutritionStarringYOU.com, author of The Everything Easy Pre-Diabetes Cookbook and an expert on weight management and pre-diabetes, has some advice on some of the worst eating habits that are unknowingly wrecking your metabolism.

not getting enough protein

Protein is a type of nutrient that is important to the body’s metabolic system. According to  Nutrition & Metabolism,  consuming a diet high in protein It is directly correlated with an improved metabolic rate. This is why we need to focus on consuming more protein. Not just eating a lot but eat enough You may need to calculate the right amount of protein for your body between meals and snacks. Because there should be protein to promote the functioning of the metabolic system. and for the growth and repair of worn-out muscles of the body

Nutritionists recommend setting a protein intake for every meal. To ensure getting enough protein throughout the day, for example, consume at least 20-25 grams (3-4 ounces) of protein per meal, especially at breakfast.

skip breakfast

Many people skip breakfast already. It may be cited as a reason that you are busy eating breakfast, not hungry, just one cup of coffee is enough. Or some people are trying to control their diet. Calorie control therefore decided to skip the first meal of the day No matter what reason you cite. You need to rethink now. Because what you are thinking is completely wrong! You must think that burning is fire. But how can a fire be ignited if there is no fuel? This breakfast is fuel for kickstarting the metabolism. If you want to adjust the functioning of the metabolic system. You need to change your breakfast routine.

Benefits of eating breakfast It’s to ignite the metabolism to work at full capacity, so it’s great if you choose good fuel for your body at breakfast, such as a fiber-rich breakfast. lean protein Healthy fats and fruits and vegetables

eat late at night

Our body needs food. Because in food there is energy used to do various activities. in everyday life that we eat different meals during the day is to make the body vigorous with strength to work which usually The body calculates the energy needed according to the activity during the day. People who perform strenuous activities would naturally need more food and energy The same goes for bedtime. The body does not need a lot of energy for sleep. So we don’t need to get energy or eat high-calorie food as we approach bedtime.

Therefore, just the energy received from eating food during the day is still not completely burned. Or the food we eat in the evening is enough for sleep activities. At the same time, the digestive system slows down to prepare for sleep. in people who skip breakfast Eat less meals during the day But let’s focus on dinner. causing the body to get too much energy before bedtime This goes against the natural functioning of the digestive system, which should be less active while we sleep. Nutritionists recommend eating a nourishing breakfast. eat a large lunch Make dinner smaller meals. and refrain from supper!

Ignore foods that contain fiber.

We all know that fruits and vegetables are healthy. But many people choose not to eat because they feel that it’s not delicious. Fruits and vegetables are foods that are rich in fiber or fiber. which is an important part in taking care of the body’s metabolic system to function normally that is, in the process of digestion Fiber increases the rate and ability to burn energy to work at full efficiency. Fiber keeps us full for a long time. Therefore, the energy level can be controlled relatively constant throughout the day. not only that Fiber also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease. and cancer too

Dieting or not properly controlling calories

Restricting calories from food or daily caloric intake. Eating less than you use is a popular and effective method for people who want to lose weight. But… if we get too little energy It will result in the metabolic system crashing. Simply put, calorie control is important in weight loss. But our body also needs calories to burn calories. If we get too few calories. (Start dieting or not properly controlling calories) The body will understand that we are in a state of food shortage. And will slow down the metabolism to provide the body with enough energy.

Eat processed foods regularly

functioning of our metabolic system It depends on the amount of food and the type of food eaten. However, nutritionists say that processed foods are bad for your metabolism. because of processed food Ready meals are fast digestible foods. The important thing is that there is no dietary fiber. The metabolic system is not working fully, so we should limit our consumption of processed foods. Don’t give too much ready meals. If you want snacks or snacks to chew on (Optional) It’s better to choose foods that contain fiber, such as whole grains, nuts, or fruit.